AI Usage

How I use generative AI tools (LLMs)

I typically use ChatGPT—and sometimes Copilot—for research and learning purposes. It's like asking a very smart friend something you want to know right away. Now, it's a well-known fact that LLMs sometimes hallucinate. But the experience has become better than using a regular search engine. These LLMs are a powerful tool, especially when you have an initial idea of what you're looking for. I've gone into a few rabbit holes, and it's fascinating.

When coding, I also use GitHub Copilot. This tool has helped improve my productivity and keeps me more focused when writing software (by avoiding "context-switching" when having to go to the browser to search for things).

I like these AI tools and I find them useful. But when it comes to writing, that's a different story.

People say that "clear writing is clear thinking." It's hard to write something that's easily understood by others when the idea isn't clear in your head. So, writing helps "straighten" your thinking—and many times it helps you realize you have no idea what you're talking about. This is one of the main reasons I like writing this blog. It forces me to think better and also learn new things (once I realize I didn't really know what I thought I knew). Using LLMs to generate my writing defeats this purpose. This is why none of the articles in this blog are written by generative AI tools.

This is my /ai page. If something changes regarding my use of AI, I'll post any updates in here.